28aug(aug 28)8:3030(aug 30)17:00MNRI® INTEGRACIJA IN PREVZORČENJE DISFUNKCIONALNIH IN PATOLOŠKIH REFLEKSOVMNRI® DYSFUNCTIONAL AND PATHOLOGICAL REFLEX REPATTERNING AND INTEGRATION8:30 - 17:00 (30) OŠ Žirovnica, Zabreznica 4, 4274 ŽirovnicaMožnost zgodnje prijave po znižani EARLY BIRD ceni do3.8.2023

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Dr. Nelli Akhmatova

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  • Core in Training Level 2 + 1 dodaten seminar


Metoda dr. Masgutove je univerzalna metoda, pri kateri gre za ponovno uravnoteženje nevrološkega razvoja in integracijo primarnih gibov, refleksov, koordinacijskega sistema in sposobnosti za optimalno delovanje, razvoj in učenje.

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The MNRI® Dysfunctional and Pathological Reflex Re-Patterning and Integration course expands a practitioner’s understanding of the nervous system, focusing on how automaticity, the vestibular, proprioceptive, and gravity systems are contributing to the existing pathology or dysfunction of each reflex. This knowledge helps practitioners diagnose systems, establish priorities when creating programs and adjust exercises to meet specific needs allowing for faster results in complex individuals. Each of the infant and birth reflexes will be revisited and variations and adaptations will be demonstrated in detail, along with several other reflexes not covered in the introductory course. The MNRI reflex assessment tool will be explained in detail. Students will be encouraged to incorporate this tool into their practice, allowing them to gain proficiency in diagnosing and scoring over time. It is essential that students have attended a conference prior to taking the course and have seen this tool in practice. This is an advanced course that assumes students are proficient in all basic D & P techniques and have an understanding of the neurological relationships between the oral-facial, tactile, archetypal, visual and acoustic reflexes; as well as, the role that MNRI neuro-structural therapy plays in normalizing the protective response of the nervous system.

NOTE: This is not a course for parents or caregivers, as many different adaptations will be explored, beyond what is being prescribed for their child. Parents wanting to gain this valuable understanding are encouraged to make an appointment with a core provider or register their child for a MNRI conference. In this way, all the information they receive will pertain directly to their child’s individual situation. Short of this, parents are always welcome to attend monthly webinars. The instructor is not allowed to diagnose or offer specific suggestions of therapeutic interventions for children not under their care.



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28 (Ponedeljek) 8:30 - 30 (Sreda) 17:00


OŠ Žirovnica

Zabreznica 4, 4274 Žirovnica


Avevita, Meta Bizjak Eržen s.p. Na Trati 17, 4248 Lesce

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